Natures Dick Pics – The Origin Story

Arches National Park - Mecca for Natures Dick Pics

Natures Dick Pics was inspired by a recent trip my girlfriend and I took (June 2016) to Arches National Park in Utah.  After a few days exploring various parts of this amazingly beautiful place, we started noticing the sheer number of rock formations that simply put, looked like dicks.  A few weeks after the trip we finally had some time to scroll through our photos and not surprisingly, our memory card was full of pictures of these phallic formations.  Then the moment of eureka…my girlfriend jokingly made an offhand comment. “We took a bunch of dick pics on this trip huh lol”?

“Why yes, yes we did.”  That’s when I realized it might be a funny and cool idea to put together a collection of quality photographs of natural spires, hoodoos and pinnacles from all around the world.  The site would naturally be called Natures Dick Pics (so literal yet so provocative huh?).  I figured that social media always blows up every time a celebrity “mistakenly” takes and shares a dick pic, so it’s about time nature got in on the action.  And let’s be real, nature’s dick pics are the only dick pics people should be taking and sharing anyways.

Arches Dick Pic Just the Tip
Arches "Just the Tip" Dick Pic

So that’s how Natures Dick Pics came about and all joking aside we do have some goals for the site:

  • We hope that these pictures will motivate people to get outdoors to see and experience the incredible natural wonders of earth (most these places are photogenic and make great Instagram / Snapchat shots! )
  • We also hope to raise awareness and some funds to donate to our national parks and prostate cancer research

So thanks for visiting Natures Dick Pics.  We hope you will enjoy the different shape, sizes, and colors of nature’s awe aspiring shafts, so share, comment and enjoy the site!

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